NIH Announces Timeline for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Although a “very bold plan,” Director Collins feels optimistic.

On Thursday, the National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins discussed the newly-announced projection of what Americans can expect from them in the coming months.

The NIH is currently developing four to five promising variations of a vaccine for COVID-19, but as Director Collins said, “Until you put it into the real world and check it out you don’t really know. You can’t skip over that really, really hard part of testing this in thousands and thousands of people.”

Although he assured everyone that scientific thoroughness would be at the forefront of their research, the NIH is pushing for speed in the face of the current epidemic. They expect to have one or two of their developing vaccines ready for wide-scale testing by mid-July, with a goal to have 300 million doses of a tested and approved vaccine available to distribute by January of 2021.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the scientists at the National Institutes of Health would be effective as they search for a cure.
  • For the efforts of the doctors and researchers as they develop and test the vaccine.
  • That President Trump would have wisdom in the fight against the current global epidemic.

Sources: AP


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