Convalescent Plasma Safe Treatment, Study Shows

Found effective in 5,000 patients across the country.

A team of researchers at Mayo Clinic, Michigan State University and Johns Hopkins University studied thousands of COVID-19 patients who received blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients. They have found that the experimental therapy appears to be safe, paving the way for future studies and clinical trials.

The researchers examined health outcomes of 5,000 hospitalized patients around the U.S. who received the convalescent plasma treatment, and found the transfusions resulted in few serious side effects and there wasn’t an excessive mortality. The blood of recovered coronavirus individuals contains antibodies that can prevent them from reacquiring the virus that leads to the illness, and that immunity can transfer to others through the convalescent plasma transfusions.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That recovered patients would not hesitate to donate plasma in the hopes of saving the lives of others.
  • For researchers around the globe as they continue seeking best therapies for the COVID-19 virus and others working on vaccines.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, WebMD


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