Tuesday, May 12

President Trump and First Lady

Today, President Donald Trump will be meeting with Republican members of the U.S. Senate. The economic recovery of the country and circumstances surrounding allies and foes abroad will be subjects discussed.

On Friday, Republican members of Congress met with the president at the White House. Strategies were discussed regarding reopening the nation and preparations for economic recovery, with some representatives reporting on their states already being open for business. Water shortages in California were a topic of interest, as were the oil and agriculture industries. The members of the House of Representatives met to show that they are willing and ready to return to work, though the Speaker of the House has not called for votes on legislation that awaits them.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and senators as they meet to formulate plans and progress for the nation.
  • For both houses of Congress to work with President Trump for the benefit of the nation and the American people.
  • For God’s will to be accomplished in the actions and activities of U.S. elected officials.

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