Monday, May 4

Today, President Donald Trump and his administration will continue to work on the reopening of the country. The president held a virtual townhall from the Lincoln Memorial yesterday regarding the economy and the pandemic.

President Trump acknowledged the validity of both those concerned about the spread of the virus and those who are experiencing the desperation of unemployment due to the shutdown. The president maintained the necessity of reopening the economy, saying, “We have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible.”

Federal guidelines that urged social distancing and sheltering-in-place expired at the end of April. President Trump is encouraging states that have not been hot spots for the pandemic to move more quickly in reopening their economies.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president and his advisors as they work to ensure the health and wellbeing of Americans.
  • For the governors to have wisdom as they make decisions about reopening their economies.
  • For the Lord’s truth to guide and direct all who hold positions of authority.

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