Prayer for Healthcare Workers Goes Global

Movement was launched in Jerusalem.

A global movement to pray for healthcare workers fighting against the coronavirus has launched out of Jerusalem.

“Care with a Prayer” is a campaign launched by Momentum, previously known as the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. People of all faiths are encouraged to participate.

Their campaign is a way of “showing care for them… built to help inspire action and awaken our souls to the transformative power of prayer,” their founding director said. “While the majority of the population is sheltering at home, our courageous doctors, nurses, first responders, social workers and other medical staff are on the front line, battling to save the lives of patients infected by the coronavirus,” she said. “Every day when they go to work, they are risking their lives to provide care for us.”

A doctor in Indianapolis called the campaign an answer to prayer. “Over the last several weeks of treating COVID-19 patients, I have thought about the power of prayer and wondered who is praying for me and my colleagues around the world. This campaign was created to answer that call and to inspire people around the world to experience—and participate—in prayer.”

The Presidential Prayer Team has provided an opportunity for you to share your prayers of hope and encouragement by simply calling 1-844-829-2022 and following the prompt to record your prayer for America. Your recorded prayer or praise will be aired for the National Day of Prayer to bless fellow Americans as they hear and pray along.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For people everywhere to be in prayer for the healthcare workers and first responders during this time of the coronavirus.
  • For The Presidential Prayer Team, its prayer hope line, and all efforts in preparation for the May 7 National Day of Prayer.

Sources: Fox News, Jerusalem Post


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