Inspector General Finds Treasury Department Actions Proper

Treasury handling of subpoena was consistent with Treasury policy. 

The Inspector General’s office of the Treasury Department released their findings last Friday regarding the Treasury’s handling of the House of Representative’s request for President Trump’s tax returns. The report found that the Treasury “properly” handled the request that resulted in not complying with the House subpoena. Ultimately the response to the subpoena was “consistent with Treasury’s general process for handling Congressional correspondence.”

The report found that the Justice Department relied on a decision by the Justice Department’s Office of legal counsel to deny the request from the Ways and Means committee. Chairman Neal, however, “maintains that the law is on his side and he believes his request should be granted.” It is not certain if the House will challenge the IG report in federal courts at this time. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to use the Treasury Department to effectively provide oversight to government actions.
  • For the House of Representatives to be led by God for the most effective legislation to pass. 
  • For President Trump to be given wisdom on how best to conduct his administration.

Sources: The Hill, CNN, FOX


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