The Promise

John 14:19 – Because I live, you also will live.

“He is risen; He is risen, indeed!”  That greeting, or one similar, dates from times too ancient to know where it actually began.  It is meant to express the amazement and joy of Christ’s resurrection.

Place yourself in the position of the women who went to the tomb to carry out the traditional anointing of the body of the Man now deceased that they thought would be their deliverer, only to find the tomb empty and unguarded. Imagine the confusion and fear they felt. Wouldn’t you feel that way? They ran and told the disciples, who wouldn’t believe them, so they had to come for themselves to see.

He had told them. More than once. He told them again at their last Passover meal that He would have to suffer and be put to death.  He reminded them more than once that they were to love one another. He assured them of the coming Holy Spirit. And He said He would live again. And because He would live again, the hope of life was given also to them…and to you!

Such a promise!

Pray With Us

Blessed Jesus, all I want to do today is sing Your praises. Because You live, I can face tomorrow. Because You live, all fear is gone. Because I know You hold the future, life is worth the living, just because You live. Hallelujah, dear Savior. Hallelujah,


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