Coronavirus Task Force Briefing for Friday

“We pray that God will heal the sick and comfort the heartbroken and bless our heroes,” said President Trump.

The president gave updates on the administrations efforts work with foreign partners to improve medical treatment as well as ease the economic strain on Americans. He added that, through the social distancing efforts, the number of confirmed cases has slowed, “In the midst of grief and pain, we’re seeing clear signs that our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives.”

As part of the administration’s effort to provide for the American people, the Department of Agriculture will be allocating “$16 billion to provide relief for farmers, ranchers, and producers impacted by the coronavirus,” the president said. “In this time of crisis, we must keep our supply chains moving from the beginning — right from beginning to end.”

He also added that he FDA, CDC, and NIH are working overtime to approve tests, medical supplies, and treatment methods used to help those who are suffering from the virus.

The other members of the task force gave updates as well, each reiterating the need to follow federal guidelines and to stay at home. While numbers may be begging to fall, the results are still in the early stages and Americans are still at great risk.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the nation to begin to heal and for all who are ill to recover.
  • For a successful halt in the spread of the coronavirus.
  • For God to be at work through the president and through the task force as they continue working into the weekend.

Sources: White House


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