Presidential Briefing for Thursday

Coronavirus strategies are working, mental health is now included in the focus.

The president’s daily briefing began later than usual on Thursday, as reporters who enter the briefing room are now taking the 5-minute coronavirus test to show they are negative before entering. The president stated his delay was because he had just spoken with the King of Saudi Arabia and President Putin of Russia over the oil price war that they had been engaged in. He said they had a good talk. OPEC met today, and they may be getting close to a deal.

”We will be putting out a proposal on the work we are doing to help the airline business. We are going to be in a position to do a lot to help them so they can keep employees and save their businesses. This may happen over the weekend.  It is a very big package, good for the country,” President Trump said.

He expressed thanks to everyone in America for sacrificing to save lives. He hopes the country can open up again soon. ”Americans are encouraged to learn that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care. We continue to pray for him and his recovery,” the president assured.

New York is being supported by the federal government. Javits Center is a 3,000-bed hospital by the Corps of Engineers. Twenty-one temporary hospitals are being built up across the nation.

The Project Airbridge continues to expand. It has been very successful. As items arrive, they are going directly to point of need.

The U.S. is blessed with the most advanced healthcare and health care workers on the planet. ”We are the most sophisticated and best anywhere. We thank them. We are at the top of the hill and we are starting the decline,” he stated.

The president spoke with mental health leaders earlier today, including some international doctors. The virus has inflicted much mental and emotional suffering.  He said it was a very interesting call.

Breakthrough treatments and therapies are in the pipeline. Testing in clinical trials are coming very soon on a new therapy from Pfizer. A lot of good things are happening through the FDA’s acceleration program; 19 treatments are being tested, and 26 more are in the active planning or clinical trials. 

Others are helping to build our stockpiles of hydroxycholiqine, Z-Pacs and zinc. Millions of doses are being distributed out of the stockpile. Much was just sent to Michigan.

Up to $2.3 trillion is going to be available for loans for mid-size businesses and more for cities the Federal Reserve revealed today.

The president continued, ”The federal Paycheck Protection Program is moving forward and new legislation needs to come together, and we need this to be bipartisan. This is for the workers. It is a positive program and we need that approval.”

The Department of Education is having a grant program for college students affected by the cancellation of classes and suspension of housing. Student loan payments have been waived for six months.

President Trump closed by saying the virus has united the nation, and his administration is ”looking forward to a magnificent return to business.”

A question and answer period followed, though kept brief because the president said he is still in negotiations over oil and gas and the airlines, and needed to get back into the Oval Office.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For those working on the mental health therapies and treatments to be effective in their research and testing.
  • For wisdom for the president as he continues to try to take care of American citizens.
  • That God would be magnified by all the efforts to mitigate the pandemic. 

Sources: C-SPAN, Fox News


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