President Sends Well Wishes to UK Prime Minister

“All Americans are praying,” President Trump said.

On Sunday, President Trump wished good health to United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, following news of the hospitalization of Johnson for coronavirus symptoms.

At a daily briefing on the state of the administration’s efforts to contain the virus, the president said, “I want to express our nation’s  well wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he wages his own, personal fight with the virus. All Americans are praying for him; he’s a friend of mine and a great gentleman.”

The prime minister’s office said on Monday that Johnson had been moved to an intensive care unit after his condition “worsened.” He is at St. Thomas Hospital in London, and his office said he remains “in good spirits.” The office said he was hospitalized as a “precautionary step,” although others reported that his symptoms, including fever, have persisted for a number of days. He is said to be on oxygen in the ICU.

President Trump said the UK Prime Minister “is a good friend, strong, resolute, doesn’t quit. We have been in contact with all the prime minister’s doctors and have sent information and people to England to help with some therapeutics that will be mentioned.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the only head of state so far hospitalized because of coronavirus symptoms.
  • For the British people as they watch cautiously how the prime minister is progressing.
  • For President Trump and his relationship with the United Kingdom’s prime minister.

Sources: The Hill, CNN


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