Dr. Birx Says China Virus Data Misled World

Incomplete information from China delayed world’s response.

The Chinese government has been underreporting the outbreak of the coronavirus in its country, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, Dr. Deborah Birx revealed on Wednesday.

Dr. Birx said that China’s public reporting or lack thereof greatly influenced how medical and other officials responded to the outbreak in America.

She argued that any lack of preparation charged against U.S. officials happened due to them “missing a significant amount of data” from China.

Since the start of the pandemic was in Wuhan, China, many have suspected the country was misleading the international community intentionally about the extent of the outbreak. Most in the intelligence community feel that misinformation out of China continues.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For American officials who are often thanklessly dealing with virus pandemic.
  • For wisdom for President Trump and members of the coronavirus task force as they move forward with decisions that affect the American public.

Sources: The Blaze, Newsmax


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