Putin Airlifts Coronavirus Aid to U.S.

President Trump gratefully accepted the help.

A Russian military aircraft loaded with medical equipment took of from outside Moscow Wednesday bound for the U.S.

In a recent conversation between President Trump and Russian President Putin, President Putin offered help for the U.S. in the battle with coronavirus. “The Russian side offered assistance amid the dire epidemiological situation in America,” a Kremlin spokesman said. “Trump gratefully accepted this humanitarian aid.”

A video provided by the Russian Defense Ministry showed a transport plane filled with boxes it said contained masks and other medical equipment taking off from a Moscow region airfield in darkness.

Presidents Trump and Putin have maintained a close relationship despite political tensions between the two countries over issues ranging from U.S. intelligence, Russian interference, and Russian’s role in Ukraine and Syria.

The shipment comes even as Russia is facing a growing coronavirus outbreak of its own. The Kremlin expressed hope that the U.S. will reciprocate with medical assistance as it increases its production capacity if Russia needs the help.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • With thanksgiving for the offer of humanitarian aid from Russia to help with the needs of medical personnel.
  • For an easing of tensions overall between the United States and Russia.

Sources: Bloomberg News, Washington Examiner


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