President Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

His administration is pushing to complete changes ahead of November election.

According to members within President Trump’s Administration, the Department of the Interior and the Energy Department are currently in the process of reworking many environmental regulations put in place during President Obama. Measures include loosening automobile fuel efficiency standards, limits on toxic ash from coal plants, and mercury emissions from infrastructure projects.

The goal of these rollbacks would be to ease pressure on major business interests that have expressed the regulations are too burdensome. The rush to complete these rollbacks come as the upcoming November election gets closer. Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress is able to review and overturn any executive action or federal rule within 60 days of it being finalized. Any rule completed after early June could be vulnerable to changes that come as a result of the election.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would lead the Trump Administration in how to protect the environment.
  • For the Energy and Interior Departments to fairly weigh the needs of business and the environment.
  • That the Federal Government would function efficiently amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sources: VOX, SCOTUSblog


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