Americans “Step Up to the Plate” During Pandemic

Headlines reveal how citizens join the fight.

Vice President Mike Pence praised Americans for their response and spirit during the virus outbreak. He called to light a few examples and said that he was proud of the American people.

When sampling headlines from news agencies around the nation, it reveals how American individuals and businesses are getting involved in neighbor-helping-neighbor. In this manner, American’s are actively taking on the example spelled out by Jesus in the parable of the good Samaritan. Here are a few of those headlines.

  • Morgantown teen uses allowance money to give truckers a meal.
  • Apple secures 10 million masks for US healthcare workers.
  • Missouri waives fishing permit requirements during outbreak.
  • Miller Lite to donate $1M to unemployed bartenders amid outbreak.
  • Isolated nursing home residents play human version of Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  • My Pillow to manufacture masks for hospitals amid coronavirus crisis.
  • Six-year old girl teaches Bible verse to brother to ease coronavirus fear.
  • Farmers rush to supply potatoes during coronavirus outbreak.
  • National Guard troops put together meals for community center.
  • Fashion brands pledge to produce face masks for medical supply.
  • Charter school group hands out supplies, food, books and computers to New Orleans students.
  • Teen church group delivers food to shut-in seniors.
  • Washington National Cathedral donates 5,000 respirator masks discovered in storage.
  • NYC restaurateur delivers hundreds of donated meals to healthcare workers.

It may be easy to become anxious, but take time to look around your own hometown and see how God is working through the hearts and minds of those in your own neighborhood. America is doing what Americans do best: helping one another!

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For each person who volunteers time or skill to aid a neighbor in need during the pandemic.
  • For volunteers to remain safe from harm while they share with their neighbors.
  • For each Christ-follower in America to pray for those next door and down the street.

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