The Guarding of Angels

Psalm 91:9-11Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—the Most High, who is my refuge—no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

As the coronavirus pandemic grows in America, people are less and less comforted by the words of the president or the actions of the virus task force, ad a greater contagion—that of fear—is growing. Every day new statistics come out, more and more people test positive, more lives have been lost, more strident actions are being taken. Fears of a 4th Century-like Black Plague or a 1918 Spanish Influenza jump out of history to haunt you. President Trump has called the COVID-19 or coronavirus a “hidden enemy.”

All of Psalm 91 reminds you of God’s promised protection over you. It is at once one of the most powerful and one of the most comforting passages in all of Scripture.  To counter that hidden enemy, God has placed hidden, invisible supernatural heavenly beings around you. These are not the sweet little guardian angels that children often hear about—these are fierce warriors with all of the power of heaven at their disposal.

To unleash these angels that are at God’s command, you must place your trust in God alone…you must “dwell” with the Most High God…you must be constant in your prayers. When you pray, God puts up invisible walls to protect you and your home, he puts angels at every corner to guide you,  to lift you up.  Even in the times of plague and pestilence, God will keep His word.  “To the faithful, you show yourself faithful” (2 Samuel 22:26 NIV).

Pray With Us

Almighty God, Ruler over all the heavenly host, I thank you. You are my Rock and my refuge. You alone are worthy of praise.  Right now, in this time of crisis in America, I and those around me need you to be our Shelter and our Refuge. We need your mighty angels, Lord, to hold us up, to keep us from stumbling around in fear and panic, and to help us keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on You. I know Your way is perfect, and Your promises are true. Keep me behind Your great shield today.  I praise You for being the Light of my life. Through Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.


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