God Provides

Matthew 6:11 – Give us this day our daily bread.

Have you noticed that some of Gods’ people are really good at grumbling?  It’s not a new phenomenon by any means. Some even establish it as an art form in their prayers: “God, I don’t mean to be complaining because You have given so much, but….” And then it begins.

The Israelites had that problem. They’d been redeemed out of Egypt where they had been living in government housing, meager quarters supplied by Pharaoh, and had subsisted on a lot of locally-grown food, vegetables, and garlic. They quickly forgot that slavery was behind them, though, and complained about living in tents and having “nothing at all” to eat.

But God provided. He gave them manna, “thin flakes like frost on the ground,” that they had to collect each day but the Sabbath…and then, only enough for that day’s nourishment. “Gather as much as you need,” the Lord said (Exodus 16:14-18). But no hoarding! No taking so much that a neighbor in the next tent might be deprived. The Lord had promised to provide. They had to trust Him.

Today, lines at big-box stores and neighborhood markets swelled with people “stocking up” in fear of the pandemic. If they were encouraged to have a two-week supply, they took enough for a month or more. It is true that God was not showering manna down on them each morning, but grocers were re-supplying shelves as quickly as they could, and America, unlike Venezuela, had not run out of toilet paper!

Do you have faith enough to believe that God will indeed provide your daily bread—that He would provide enough?  Or has fear blinded you and driven you to panic over potential shortages? Yes, you must provide for yourself and your family. But stay calm. Don’t hoard. The shelves will be restocked. And while it might not be your favored brand, it’ll do the job!

Pray With Us

When I am afraid, Lord, I forget how You have provided for me in the past. All my life, You have been faithful. Your goodness and Your mercies are truly new every morning. Help me to place my trust in You and then to rest from my anxieties. Help me to love my neighbor if he or she is in need and there is something I can do. They, too, could be fearful. I desire to remember, Lord, what You said, that perfect love casts out fear. Your love for me has always been perfect. Help me to perfectly love others in these crucial days. For Jesus’ sake and in His name,


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