President and Task Force Hold Daily Press Conference

Dr. Deborah Birx reinforces guidelines.

Briefing Begins at 37 minutes

President Trump joined the coronavirus task force this morning in their daily briefing.

The president focused on addressing the devastating impact the pandemic is having on the American economy. He has met with executives on many levels and is also teleconferencing with other executives, restaurant people, retailers, and suppliers.

He discussed the actions of Congress, and how his administration is seeking another $850 billion for economic stimulus.  It would provide additional relief for small businesses and the airline industry, including a massive tax cut for wage-earners.

Among other things, he said that travel within the U.S. is not limited at this time but could be a possibility in the future. For spring break travelers who would be going to U.S. beaches, Mexico, the Caribbean or other locations not considered “hot spots,” the president urged that they learn to “enjoy their living rooms” and stay home.

More industry leaders are coming to the White House today, particularly those involved in travel and tourism. The spirit of cooperation has been incredible, he said.

Hospitals and insurance companies are, in many cases, waiving patient co-pays.

Dr. Deborah Birx, who is coordinating the federal response to the virus,  reiterated that young people should avoid public gatherings, particularly going out to bars and restaurants. Older adults are encouraged to remain in their own homes, leaving for only essential trips such as grocery shopping, doctor visits or attending houses of worship. Every American has a social responsibility to each other. Each American should do what he or she can to help control this virus.

States and local governments have been given great flexibility and are in growing partnerships with the federal government.

Dr. Birx also asked hospitals, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare individuals, as well as patients, to not do elective work, but postpone it for a month or so, relieving medical professionals to address the virus and its issues.

Dr. Anthony Fauci commended the many segments of American businesses, banks, and so many others for engaging in such a comprehensive way from so many moving parts.

The president concluded by saying there is no better team than the task force, working on so many levels, with the purpose of saving lives. “One day we will be on the other side of the curve, and this is the day we look forward to.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump, the coronavirus task force, and all working on the medical community’s response to the coronavirus.
  • For the “army of millennials” to be just as cautious as those who are in “vulnerable groups” in working to fight back against the virus.
  • That Americans across the country would show respect to one another, avoid panic and fear, and find that God can be trusted to work His plan.

Sources: White House, Fox News, CBS News


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