Super Tuesday Sets Up Biden-Sanders Challenge

Bloomberg and Warren distant runners-up

Super Tuesday election results have set up a hard-line challenge for the Democratic presidential nomination between traditionalist Joe Biden and self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

The former vice president won in five southern states and beyond. “I’m here to report that we are very much alive,” he told a crowd in Los Angeles as results were coming in.

The big delegate-count state of Texas went for Biden, but even richer in delegate numbers, California, appears to have gone for Sanders.

“Tonight I tell you with absolute confidence we’re going to win the Democratic nomination,” Sanders told a crowd of supporters in his home state of Vermont.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were in large part rejected by the primary voters. While each won some delegates that will position them to help broker a convention in the summer, neither held enough to put them into a contending position.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For voters as they deliberate over which way to vote in the next group of states that hold primaries.
  • For former Vice President Biden and Senator Sanders to remain healthy during the stresses of campaigning.
  • That the campaigns would retain a tone of civility as they move ahead.

Sources: The Hill, Reuters, Fox News


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