Minnesota Representative Hagedorn Has Kidney Cancer

Remains committed to his work in Congress

Representative Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota, a first-term congressman, says he is suffering from stage 4 kidney cancer. Its discovery was made when he underwent a routine physical examination a year ago.

“Exactly two months after marrying my wife, Jennifer, and just six weeks into my job as the First District’s Congressman, I was given unexpected and rather shocking news,” he said.  “Just like millions of other Americans, I was told by my doctor: ‘You have cancer.’ After prayers and long talks with those closest to me, I was determined to fight it like hell.”

He added, “I am also grateful for the regimen of immunotherapy, recently approved by the FDA as treatment for kidney cancer. Guided by the Good Lord’s healing hands, the treatments are helping my body’s immune system identify and kill the cancer cells.”

He said, “I am so happy to report that I’m feeling great. I’ve continued to do my job in Congress unimpeded and I’ve not missed a single vote due to treatment.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would continue to place His healing hands on Representative Jim Hagedorn as he undergoes cancer treatments.
  • For the courage of the congressman and his family to come forward with the news of his disease, and for his continued capacity to serve.

Sources: Roll Call, Newsmax


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