Administration Places Sanctions on Russian Oil Company

Secretary of State Pompeo
Actions in Venezuela violated embargo

The Trump Administration announced on Tuesday that it would be imposing sanctions on a Russian state-controlled oil broker that helped the Venezuelan government find loopholes in the ongoing oil embargo against them. The Russian company has allowed President Nicolas Maduro to retain power in Venezuela. He is not recognized as the rightful leader of the nation by the United States.

Secretary of State Pompeo made it clear that “Rosneft Trading has propped up the dictatorial Maduro, enabling his repression of the Venezuelan people.” Rosneft Trading was created in 2011 to facilitate trade for its parent company which has been under U.S. sanctions since 2014. The company deceived customers, primarily in Asia, about the source of the oil.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would use the Trump Administration to bring about a more peaceful world.
  • That the actions of the State Department would bring about a stronger relationship between the U.S. and Venezuela.
  • For Secretary Pompeo to be given what he needs to effectively lead the department. 

Sources: CNN, Politico


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