“The effective prayer of a righteous person has great power.”
James 5:16

We pray every day. And we talk about prayer just as often. Why? Because it is an important tool that God has gifted to us. Prayer is effective. This is not because of the prayers of great people, but because of a great God who listens and involves His people in doing great things in His name.

Not only is it important to talk about prayer, but there is a need to continue to innovate and find ways to help you and others pray for the most important aspects of your daily lives.

His plan has brought you here today for a time such as this. Each gift helps as we seek to reach more of America for prayer and we remember that in God we trust!Prayerfully consider giving today as we not only continue to pray over our nation and leaders, but as we take the next steps down this path to be a praying voice for truth and biblical values in America for God’s glory.

The Presidential Prayer Team is a private, faith-based ministry, supported 100% by faithful members like you… and as we continue serving you, we need your help! As with most of the country, and the world, here in 2022, costs have been increasing that cut into our production and daily operating budget. Thankfully, some generous members and friends of the Prayer Team have reached out to help encourage fellow members by offering a dollar-for-dollar match for any gift that we receive through July 4th, to help us recover those costs, so that your impact for prayer in America can be DOUBLED!

Special Matching Challenge

This special, limited time, dollar-for-dollar match is available for any generous gift you make and is available ONLY through July 4th.

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every amount helps, and every gift will be matched. Would you prayerfully consider supporting us with a financial gift?

Presidential Prayer Team

The matching challenge has concluded. Any outstanding phone, mail, and web donations will be counted toward the final match later this week. We appreciate the over 1,700 members who contributed during the matching challenge. We reached over 59% of the needed goal and are trusting that God will still lay it upon others to help make up the difference. We understand that current inflation and cost of living conditions are very high, and we too have to tighten up on costs and expenditures. We are committed to remain faithful to our members and make sure the call to prayer remains strong and active.

If you missed out, you can still show your support today. And again, thank you to everyone who has selflessly given—we carry forward to serve because of your generosity.

Presidential Prayer Team

Show your support as together we prepare and pray over the coming primaries and general midterm elections this year.

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