Commerce Secretary Speaks at U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum

U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosts a gathering of global leaders. Secretary Raimondo spoke at the U.S.-Ukraine Partnership Forum last week, highlighting a number of efforts the Department of…

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Chamber of Commerce Urges Congress to End Gridlock

The lobbying group says businesses want to see progress. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobbying group in the nation, has communicated to Congress that businesses…

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Tentative Railroad Labor Deal Reached

President Biden calls it a “big win.” A handshake deal was reached on Thursday morning between unions and major railroads. President Biden’s administration had held negotiation discussions for…

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Freight Rail Lines to Halt Hazard Transport

Negotiations continue in the attempt to avoid a strike.  Freight railroads said they are planning to halt the transportation of hazardous minerals and sensitive cargo, such as chemicals…

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Homeland Security Warns of Counterfeit Goods

Efforts made to alert shoppers as they prepare to buy on Black Friday. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Customs and Border Protection, and Homeland Security Investigations hosted an…

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Senate Bill to Counter China’s Influence

U.S. Innovation and Competition Act gets support from U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Endless Frontiers Act, a bill designed to compete with China in…

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