Supreme Court Justices Question Anti-Terrorism Act Case

Family of terrorist attack victim claims Twitter owes them damages. The Supreme Court heard arguments on Wednesday in Twitter, Inc. v. Taamneh, a case similar to another filing…

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Bill Would Block DOJ Payments to Social Media 

The legislation would slow censorship.  Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, together with a number of other cosponsors, has introduced the Exposing Lewd Outlays for Social Networking Companies Act—the…

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Senator Questions Oversight of Twitter Purchase

Inquires about CEO possibly using Tesla money to fund social media. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote a letter to Tesla’s board chair Robyn Denholm this week expressing…

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Amazon Asks Administration to Spare ‘Documented Dreamers’

 Joins other tech giants in letter to Homeland Security. On Tuesday, a group of large American tech companies wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, asking…

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Social Media CEOs Face Senate Panel

Under question is their monitoring and censorship. The chief executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google, the largest social media companies, came before the Senate Commerce Committee in a…

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FCC to Clarify Section 230 of Communications Act

Social media have no right to special immunity, chairman says. On Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said the agency will seek to regulate social media platforms…

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