Russia Attempting to Recover Downed U.S. Drone 

Jets from the UK and Germany are keeping watch.  The Pentagon released footage that depicts a portion of the encounter on Tuesday when two Russian fighter jet pilots…

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Russian Jet Forces Down U.S. Drone 

Official says such actions “could lead to miscalculation and unintended escalation.“ A U.S. Air Force drone was intercepted and forced down over the Black Sea by a Russian…

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U.S. Navy Continues Unmanned Vessel Testing

Iranian ship attempted to confiscate drone last week. The U.S. Fifth Fleet has been testing unmanned systems that use artificial intelligence since December of last year. The Saildrone…

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Administration Issues Iranian Drone-Related Sanctions

The action comes after Iranian drone program targeted U.S. troops in the region.  On Friday, President Biden’s administration sanctioned a top Iranian military official for his role in…

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DOD Inspector General Probes Kabul Drone Strike

10 Afghan civilians mistakenly killed in U.S. airstrike in August. On Friday, the Defense Department’s Inspector General announced another investigation of the drone strike that killed 10 Afghan…

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