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It is important for citizens to be informed on the country's needs and direction. As such, it is also a privilege and responsibility to be spiritually alert during the election season to seek understanding of the positions of candidates, to earnestly seek the will of God, and to vote according to His leading.

People are generally passionate when it comes to politics -- either ardently excited about it or wishing it would just go away. The vast majority of believers in America love this country and what it stands for, understanding it is one of the greatest blessings ever bestowed on this world by our Creator. Even if you are willing to face politics head-on, though, it's likely you're also frustrated, often wondering, "What can one person do?" You are not alone! God has brought us together at this time for a reason.

You are not just "one person!" Many of the members of this prayer team, the largest full-time prayer ministry for this country and its leaders, feel the same way, and we continue with the faith that God is in control and that we have the power of prayer!

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Midterm Elections are November 6, 2018

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Continue to the Pray the Vote home page and see where fellow Americans are praying across the country and find your local candidates for this midterm election.

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