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An Open Letter to Praying America

Praying for America
Truth - Fake - Exposure … Justice, Restoration and Healing.

November 2019

Dear Prayer Team Member,

     How do you show your gratitude to all who have been faithful? The Apostle Paul said, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God” (Philippians 1:3 NLT). Every moment of every day, people just like you are dropping to their knees in prayer for our nation and our leaders. We see God visibly working – with His praying people – to bring about His will for all of us. From every corner of this country, we hear of God’s movement and are very excited about the hearts being drawn to Him.

      For several years, we have encouraged you to pray specifically that God would reveal and bring into the light all the darkness in our nation’s capital. God is answering that prayer! More recently, we specifically have asked you to pray that God would bring justice to the wrongs that He is exposing. God appears to be answering that prayer also. Soon – we’ll together ask God to bring healing to all who have been affected by this exposure, justice and restoration process. 

We are confident in God's response because we ask in harmony with His consistent nature seen in His Word.

      I’ve shared in my two previous letters that The Presidential Prayer Team is exploding with new opportunities to better engage hundreds of thousands of other prayer-conscious Americans. In a recent meeting with a national leader, I was reminded “PPT is America’s best kept secret”. Yes, while we do not push a public awareness, it concerns me that we are still undiscovered by many who would love to be a part of this group of united prayers.  

      Our next BOLD step is to reach out on every communication platform and invite God’s people to be a part of a national faith and values study. This includes inviting several other national ministries, churches and Christian radio stations to join us. Through our joint exposure, we anticipate a significant increase of interest and many new prayer partners.  

      The last time I wrote about the need to raise special funding for our Pray the Vote and the Vital Signs national faith and value study for early 2020. I can report that so far 1,175 members have given $57,300 (37%) toward the needed addition to our budget of $155,000. While we have a considerable amount yet to raise, we are very confident in moving forward and trusting that God will still provide yet this year. 

      Finally, in a meeting this week with our volunteer board of directors, I shared with them several dozen letters and comments from you, our members. One that captured our attention came from Janet in Menlo Park, CA.

“Hi Jim, know that we are standing with you in Silicon Valley, CA in prayer. Our prayer team has been meeting in my house twice a month for the past 6 years. I am so thankful for these resources [and] for those of you on the front line. Know that what you do is making a difference.”

      I hope that you also see the importance of what we do daily and that you will pray with us as we take the next BOLD steps in 2020. If you have already given a financial gift – thank you! If you have not, as God leads you, please use this link to make your best gift for this important upcoming national event:

    You can now see the live real-time report below regarding countdown to Pray the Vote and Vital Signs heartbeat of America in 2020s.

          Jim Bolthouse
     P.S. If you missed my first two letters, they may help provide background on what is ahead.