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An Open Letter to Praying America

Praying for America
Ever had a secret that you just couldn’t wait to tell? 

Well, the waiting is over. You are invited to be a part of something

very special. Something significant!

October 2019

Dear Prayer Team Member,

     As I mentioned in my first letter, it’s time for our voices to be heard and to come together to direct our loyalty toward making our America more godly.
    During my years with the prayer team, I’ve witnessed several significant events that have impacted our country for the better. One such event was only made possible with the help of members like you. It started with a simple idea: Let’s ask our members...

    “What topics should our writers research for prayer articles on the upcoming election?”

     In 2010, our first questionnaire, America’s Vital Signs received an overwhelming response. People just like you wanted to be heard. And we listened!

    With each election season, the studies became more insightful and focused on revealing the faith and values of praying Americans. The results have had a phenomenal impact that has been seen in several important ways.

  • First, we learned that God’s people have very similar assessments.
  • Second, our massive response quickly made it the largest study of its type.
  • Published results were widely used by candidates and the media. They were recognizing the true voice of a praying America.
    The best part of the results: Concise directives on how to pray -- and information on how to make the best decisions while voting.

      With the 2020 elections upon us, your prayer team is again preparing to listen. Once again, we are expanding our Vital Signs study to have an even greater impact. We hope the study will be the focus of attention nationally for months leading up to voting day. While most polls have fewer than a thousand participants, our study will capture all 50 states, with the potential for hundreds of thousands of Americans to respond and with the results seen by millions!

    Here is where your involvement will have a long-lasting impact on your nation and your community. For this year’s study to continue to be the largest of its type, George Barna is sharing his expertise and is collaborating with us. Mr. Barna is well known for his firm, The Barna Group, which has, for the past several decades specialized in studying the religious beliefs and behavior of Americans and the intersection of faith and culture. His latest book,
The Day Christians Changed America, was published as a positive report of the phenomena of the 2016 election.

      As you can see, I am very excited about what God has already orchestrated for the next few months. We need your help today in order to even get there. While news of this study has already received the attention of several influential people, media, and leaders, it is up to us to complete and publish it.

      That is why I am writing to you today. We have developed a minimal budget of $155,000 needed to properly accomplish this up-to-date Vital Signs study and publish its results. Pray the Vote 2020 will officially begin in January and the study will be the first event. You can see that the time to prepare and fund it is now!

      You will already be included in the upcoming study. As we prepare, we ask that you pray with us and, if possible, help us financially. Our normal budget is inadequate to handle the added load of this project. We depend upon the gifts of God’s people – people like you, who fully realize the importance and power of prayer for our leaders and our nation.

    As God leads you, please use this link to make your best gift for this important upcoming national event:

    We are setting up a special web page with the latest news regarding countdown to Pray the Vote and America’s Vital Signs in 2020. Be watching for my final letter in a few days.

          Jim Bolthouse
     P.S.  If you missed my first letter – it may help provide background on what is ahead.

UPDATE! My third and final letter is out. Click below to finish reading.