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An Open Letter to Praying America

Praying for America
October 2019

Dear Prayer Team Member,

     From my vantage point close to the front lines, I see and hear the struggles many of our leaders face every day fighting for what is right for our nation. On the surface, it may seem like only political struggles or grabs for power, but underneath, the real battle is spiritual against God and His people. This reality can be difficult to understand and the accompanying bad news coverage can feel overwhelming. Many of us would rather just ignore it. But I urge you, please do not! This is our battle against the principalities and powers of this world who wish to destroy all things related to God.
    Our spiritual freedoms are under daily attack. Did you know that it is now ILLEGAL to mention “In Jesus Name” in several public locations? “In God we Trust” as our national motto is being wiped from the public eye.

     But there is good news! God is with us. The Apostle Paul called us “more than conquerors,” and we have the means to bring light to this darkness.

     As a member of The Presidential Prayer Team, you and hundreds of thousands of other Christians are with us on the front lines talking with our Almighty God. Our trust is in Him and our next steps are right before us.

    We are preparing for the 2020 elections with Pray the Vote 2020 coming early next year. It is time for Washington and the rest of America to know what we value, and we will do so with our votes.

"The [leader's] heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will."Proverbs 21:1

    With all the noise and distraction out there, we will provide non-political and non-partisan resources that focus on prayer for candidates and not for parties or agendas.

    As we get ready, we ask for your prayers over our board, staff, and volunteers. We also ask for your financial help. While we try to limit funding asks to a few critical times each year, an election year takes much more than our budgeted operational funds can handle. Our only operating source is the gifts of God’s people – people like you, who fully realize the importance and power of prayer for our leaders and our nation. To be ready for our important task next year, we need to raise an additional $155,000 this year.

     God is opening up several very impactful events – some starting as early as the next 60 days. I will share more with you in the next few days. Your financial support enables us to create and share critical prayer resources.

    Please use this link to make your best gift for this important issue to further prayer in America:

    Thank you and I’ll keep you informed of the coming events and the status of this request. Be watching for my next letter in a few days.

          Jim Bolthouse
     P.S. God’s people need to see the plight before us and know the answer is in His hands.  Keep talking with Him – always.