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Treasury Department Puts More Sanctions on Iran

Against its nuclear entity and top official

On Thursday, the Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the nuclear entity of Iran and its top official, but will renew some waivers.

Russian, Chinese and European firms—essentially non-U.S. firms dealing with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran— will still be permitted to continue work at Iranian nuclear sites for 60 days to make it harder for the country to develop a nuclear weapon. The renewal of waivers for that time period will allow nonproliferation work to continue at the Arak heavy-water research reactor, a power plant, the Tehran research reactor, and other cooperation initiatives.

The U.S. likely opted to extend the waivers because the Russian company targeted also provides nuclear fuel to U.S. facilities, causing a potential sanctions headache for the administration.

Sources: Reuters, Newsmax
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • That the sanctions being imposed on Iran will help to draw them closer to a negotiating table over their nuclear program.
  • For President Trump, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and others who work on the imposition of sanctions.