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Senate Impeachment Wrapping Up Question Phase

Senators to vote on witnesses next

Following the presentation of the House of Representatives articles of impeachment against President Trump, and the White House’s defense of the president, the Senate began the question phase of the ongoing impeachment trial on Wednesday. Senators submit questions in writing to Chief Justice Roberts to read to the House managers and the president’s defense lawyers.

Senators alternated asking questions throughout the day, including the important item of if the presence of a quid-pro-quo should be important in the decision making of the Senators. The White House’ defense expressed that many politicians equate their reelection with the public good, and therefore the Senate should not “psychoanalyze a president.” The House managers led by Rep. Adam Schiff said, “All quid pro quos are not the same,” maintaining that the president’s deal with Ukraine should lead to his removal.

The question phase will conclude today. The Senate will then be voting on whether or not witnesses should be called.

Sources: AP, CNN, NPR
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For the House managers led by Adam Schiff to have wisdom to answer questions truthfully.

  • For God to use the president’s defense team to give clarity to the situation.

  • For Senators to have wisdom on how best to vote in the coming days.