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Interior Department Downs Drones

Only Emergency Operations will be conducted for the time being

On Wednesday, the Department of the Interior announced that it would be suspending all non-emergency use of drones on federal lands, per a secretary’s order from Secretary Bernhardt. The Interior Department wishes to use the next few months to determine if the use of drones for other purposes poses a security risk. These drones were made in China, and the U.S. is concerned that the data is being compromised by the Chinese government.

An Interior Department spokesperson, Carol Danko clarified the reason for the order saying, “Drones are important to critical Department of the Interior missions, such as combating wildfires and conducting life-saving search and rescue operations; however, we must ensure that the technology used for these operations is such that it will not compromise our national security interests. ... [The] temporary cessation of non-emergency drones while we ensure that cybersecurity, technology and domestic production concerns are adequately addressed.”

Sources: Interior Department, NPR
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For God to lead the Interior Department as they determine the best use of foreign technology.

  • For Secretary Bernhardt to be given guidance on how to utilize technology for the Interior Department.

  • That the use of this technology would lead to a safer and better future for Americans.