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Bill Introduced to Increase Protection of Minors Online

Parents could sue tech companies

Legislation to increase protection for minor children online was introduced Thursday by Representative Kathy Castor of Florida. The Protecting the Information of our Vulnerable Children and Youth Act would implement new safeguards and how social media platforms collect and use personal information about anyone under the age of 18.

"This bill is a modernization of the COPPA [Children’s’ Online Privacy Act], and it comes at a time when our technology here in the 21st century — the tracking and data-gathering — have outpaced our current privacy protections in law, especially for kids," Castor said. "Congress needs to update COPPA to provide families with the necessary tools to protect our kids, and this bill will do just that."  

Her bill would empower parents to sue companies like YouTube and Facebook for violating their children’s privacy, a provision that goes beyond previous online privacy protections.

Representative Castor is seeking more co-sponsors of her legislation.

Sources: The Hill, Axios
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • About the need for legislation to update privacy rules as it relates to America’s children and their use of online platforms.
  • About the need for greater regulation of internet and online programs available to children.