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Secretary Pompeo Concerned Over Iranian Nuclear Escalations

“Time for all nations…to increase pressure”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that Iran’s recent “nuclear escalations” raise concerns that should move all countries to increase pressure on Tehran. The secretary was in Germany for meetings with government officials.

Iran has resumed uranium enrichment at one of its nuclear facilities. Iran said this week it had increased the supply of advanced centrifuges and reactivated a much larger number of old centrifuges that had been idle, accelerating its ability to produce enough nuclear material to make a bomb.

 Secretary Pompeo said, “Iran’s expansion of proliferation-sensitive activities raises concerns that Iran is positioning itself to have the option of a rapid nuclear breakout,” meaning the rush to develop a nuclear bomb. “The United States will never allow this to happen,” Pompeo said.

He added, “It Is now time for all nations to reject this regime’s nuclear extortion and take serious steps to increase pressure. Iran’s continued and numerous nuclear provocations demand such action.”

Sources: Reuters, New York Times
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump and Secretary Pompeo as they work to counter the activities of Iran through tariffs, sanctions and diplomatic activities.
  • About the high level of concern that exists in Israel, fearing the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon.