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Immigration Judges Request Administration Data

Recent DOJ data does not match courtroom reality

Last month, Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) found that caseloads of immigration court judges continue to grow, creating waits as long as 1,450 days or four years for some people to just schedule an asylum hearing.

Now the president of the National Association of Immigration Judges called on the Trump Administration to provide accurate data to judges in order to “make decisions affecting real people in our courtrooms,” The union president, Judge Ashley Tabador, said, “The United States needs a fact-based immigration court system. This cannot be achieved if we do not have the data and the facts straight.”

In her statement, Judge Tabador said the TRAC data confirmed “the experience of our judges, who find time and again that DOJ’s recent data does not match the reality we see in our courtrooms. This is not a dispute about numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s about getting the facts we need to make decisions affecting real people. Missing or garbled data is unacceptable and the Department of Justice needs to fix this problem right away.”

Sources: Associated Press, Newsmax
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • About the vast numbers of immigrants claiming asylum in the U.S. and the extremely long time it takes to even schedule a hearing.
  • About the need for immigration law reform, and Congress’ apparent unwillingness to address it.