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Administration Rolls Back Foster Care Regulations

Services may enforce religious beliefs

The Department of Health and Human Services said they are rolling back federal regulations that denied funding to adoption or foster care services who turned away couples because of religious beliefs.

The new rule preserves federal funding of faith-based adoption agencies, regardless of their religious mission or requirements.

Opposition groups argue that the administration’s plan will reduce the number of qualified parents who want to adopt or foster a child.

In September, in a limited case, a federal district judge ruled that religious agencies that contract within the state of Michigan are allowed to refuse to place children in certain households. In that case, the judge said “the state’s real goal is not to promote non-discriminatory child placements, but to stamp out St. Vincent’s religious belief and replace it with the State’s own.” He granted an injunction against the enforcement of the state rule.

Sources: Fox News, Catholic News Agency
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • With gratitude for the preservation of yet another form of religious liberty for adoption and foster-care agencies.
  • About the numbers of children who need placement or adoption across America.