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Dorian Refugees Can Enter U.S. Without Papers

Will still face case-by-case review

Acting Customs and Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan said that people coming into the United States from hurricane-torn Bahamas without having travel documents will not be denied entry solely for not having the documents, but will undergo a review through a case-by-case basis to determine refugee status.

However, Morgan said, the United States does not want to see people coming from the islands in a “mass exodus,” and warned that this is not the time for some who would try to use the crisis as a means to enter the country illegally.

"What I will say is history has shown us that there are bad people that do take advantage of that," Morgan said. "Have we seen any of that right now? No. In fact, the majority of people have actually had some form of [a] travel document."

President Trump said his administration is discussing possibly extending temporary protected status for immigrants from the Bahamas until it is safe to return to their particular islands.

Sources: CNN, Newsmax, Reuters
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security, and others discussing possible protected status for refugees from the hard-hit Bahamian islands.
  • For all of the many organizations, including Christian ones, who are already at work in the Bahamas to restore and rebuild what was damaged or destroyed.