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U.S. Lawmakers Voice Support for Hong Kong Protests

UN condemns police use of force

Mass protests in Hong Kong began in early June when over one million people took to the streets in protest against an extradition bill. They said the bill would leave both local residents and foreigners passing through Hong Kong vulnerable to extradition to mainland China, where there is no rule of law. The protests have grown so strong that for a second day, the Hong Kong airport has been closed. Many protesters are waving American flags.

Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida as well as Representative Ted Yoho of Florida, have made public statements that Beijing is much to blame for the crisis in Hong Kong.

“The Chinese Communist Party is deepening its campaign to deprive Hong Kong of its freedom and autonomy,” said Senator Cruz, adding, “The people of Hong Kong have responded with ten weeks of protests, which have been met with more threats and deepening repression.”

President Trump described the developing unrest as a “tough situation” but stopped short of criticizing Beijing over its handling of the matter.

For the first time, the United Nations publicly called out Hong Kong police for deploying crowd control equipment against protesters “in ways that are prohibited by international norms and standards.”

On Tuesday, China released a video showing a massive procession of its military vehicles gathering along the Hong Kong border as Chinese leaders mull over its next move in response to the protests.

Sources: Business Insider, Epoch Times, USA Today
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For Secretary Pompeo and President Trump as they keep a close eye on the conditions on the ground in Hong Kong.
  • For people everywhere who live under repression and only desire the sweet taste of freedom.