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Department of the Interior Changes Endangered Species Act

Trying to balance protection and federal expenses

On Monday, the Department of the Interior announced that it would be implementing new rules for how the Endangered Species Act would be carried out. The new rules are meant to reduce burdensome regulations on companies trying to use natural resources. Many are concerned that it also may make it easier to remove species from the list and weaken protections for plants and animals classified as endangered. A newly instated rule also allows the department to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of protection, also taking into account lost revenue by restricting activities such as logging and mining.

Secretary Bernhardt explained the need for the changes saying, “The best way to uphold the Endangered Species Act is to do everything we can to ensure it remains effective in achieving its ultimate goal—recovery of our rarest species. ... An effectively administered Act ensures more resources can go where they will do the most good: on-the-ground conservation.” A statement released by the Interior Department went further to explain that there are times where the protection of habitat is not prudent due to lost revenue.

Sources: Interior Department, NY Times
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • That the actions of the Interior Department would preserve more habitats as a result of these new rules. 
  • That God would guide Secretary Bernhardt to lead the Department effectively and be a good steward of God’s creation.
  • That President Trump would be given wisdom on the best way to balance profits and environmental protection.