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Department of the Interior Addresses Wildfires

Public input sought in fuel break system

On Friday of last week, the Interior Department released an Environmental Impact Statement through the Bureau of Land Management regarding the risk of forest fires in the Western United States. “The Department of the Interior is dedicated to leveraging all of its assets to reduce wildfire risk and safeguard western communities,” said Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. “We look forward to receiving feedback from the public on this effort which promises to make a real difference in reducing the wildfire threat.”

Open for public comment for 45 days, the report details fuel breaks in strategic locations in many states that would curb the disastrous effects of wildfires. The breaks would cut the needed fuel to keep the fires burning. These breaks would be installed along roads within BLM owned lands. The public comment period is designed to ensure that all aspects of developing a fuel break system are addressed.

Sources: Department of the Interior
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For Secretary Bernhardt to be used by God to prevent terrible wildfires.
  • For the Bureau of Land Management to receive helpful feedback that will guide their fuel break program.
  • For Casey Hammond to be an effective leader of the Bureau