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Senator Graham Preparing Asylum Law Changes

“I want to fix it,” senator says

On Sunday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said he plans to change the country’s asylum laws as part of a legislative package that is an effort to stem the flow of migrants crossing America’s southern border.

“I’m tired of talking about this problem. I want to fix it. I think all Americans would want both parties to fix this problem,” Graham said. “The president has correctly identified the crisis at the border, now it’s time to have a legislative solution. You need to change our laws for this to stop, so I’ll be introducing a package…that will change our asylum laws. Ninety percent of the people [who] apply for asylum never make it, so the standard needs to change.”

The senator said he plans to have the legislative package ready once Congress returns to Washington from its recess April 29. The Judiciary Committee, of which Graham is chairman, will then mark up the measure, he said.

“Doing what we’re doing is not working,” he said. “The crisis has to come to an end and the only way to bring it to an end is to change our laws.”

Sources: Washington Examiner, Fox News
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For Senator Graham and the work on the legislative package that will address asylum laws.
  • About the need for comprehensive immigration reform.