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Secretary DeVos Opens Federal Funds for Religious Schools

No longer will enforce rules barring federal funds to private religious schools

This week, Secretary DeVos announced that the Department of Education would no longer be enforcing a federal provision that prohibits religious organizations from giving private schools federally funded services. This decision comes in the wake of a 2017 Supreme Court decision where the state of Missouri denied a church-run preschool publicly funded tire scraps for its playground.

“The Trinity Lutheran decision reaffirmed the long-understood intent of the First Amendment to not restrict the free exercise of religion,” DeVos said in a statement. “Those seeking to provide high-quality educational services to students and teachers should not be discriminated against simply based on the religious character of their organization.” These rule changes are expected to be debated within Congress.

Sources: The Hill, The Christian Post, AP
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For God to use Secretary DeVos to balance the government’s role in education and religious liberty issues. 
  • For President Trump’s Administration to work to protect all expressions of faith within the U.S.
  • For Congress to faithfully protect the rights of Americans to freely practice their religious faiths.