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Cuts to Fund Border Wall Undetermined

Mulvaney says “it could be a while”

On a Sunday morning talk show, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said “it could be a while” before lawmakers receive a final list of the programs that will be losing funding in order to finance the security wall on the southern border. 

“I know the universe of things that might be delayed or reduced or cut in a very extreme circumstance that could be used to fund the wall,” he said, but gave no indication if cuts have already been made or a list is already prepared.

He said that programs scheduled to begin in 2019 would not be affected by the president’s declaration.

“There’s no list of projects that are absolutely going to not be funded so that the wall can be,” he said. He added, “Congress will pass another appropriation this year, next year, so that ultimately more of the programs would be impacted.”  He said that some of the cuts might not be popular.

Sources: CBS News, The Hill
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump, the Office of Management and Budget, the Pentagon leaders, and others who are determining the projects that will be affected by the president’s border wall declaration.
  • About the growing migrant situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.