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President Signs Border Deal

Avoids second government shutdown

On Friday afternoon, President Trump officially signed a bipartisan spending bill that appropriates $1.375 billion to the border wall, thus avoiding a second partial government shutdown.

Prior to signing the bill, he addressed reporters in the White House Rose Garden about other funding options available for building the wall, declaring a national emergency at the border.

His speech included an emotional appeal, as he asked “Angel Moms,” mothers and wives of people slain by illegal immigrants, to hold up photos of their deceased family members to the assembled reporters.

Officials familiar with the president’s plans say that President Trump will attempt to begin construction on the wall nearly immediately and that the funding available to him will be tapped sequentially to head off any potential court challenges. White House officials also told reporters that the president would veto any attempts by Congress to override the national emergency.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Daily Caller
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump and his legal team at the White House as they prepare for certain challenges to his declaration of a national emergency.
  • For the “Angel Moms” and their families as they band together to stand against violence committed against them.