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First Lady Visited Hospitalized Children

Made candygrams and exchanged Valentines

First Lady Melania Trump spent part of February 14 visiting sick children at the National Institutes of Health’s Children’s Inn in Bethesda, Maryland. She joined in on making various arts and crafts projects with the young patients.

She spent time chatting with the children, and helped them decorate and exchange Valentine’s Day cards and make candygrams. She made it a point to visit with a young girl named Amber, whom she recognized from last year’s event. The First Lady spent individual time with a number of the other pediatric patients. A young boy from Kenya named Amani presented the first lady with a red heart-shaped box that held a silver necklace with the words “hope and faith” inscribed on a silver circle. Mrs. Trump told Amani that she will pray for him.

Other children presented her with flowers. In return, she left the group with red envelopes containing Valentine’s Day cards she had signed.

Sources: Washington Post, MSN
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • With gratitude for the love and kindness that First Lady Melania Trump gives to children to brighten their day.
  • For Amber, Amani, and the children of the Children’s Inn who are suffering from numerous issues, awaiting organ transplants, or dealing with other matters requiring hospitalization.