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Government Shutdown Enters Fourth Week

Longest partial shutdown in U.S. history

On Friday, the partial government shutdown created by the lack of an approved spending bill from both houses of Congress and the president has entered its fourth week and has no clear end in sight. The impasse between the two branches of government is largely due to a disagreement about the best solution to the current needs for border security on the southern border and the best way to address border security.

Vice President Pence said to Customs and Border Protection employees, “Let me assure you that in a challenging time … I’m here to say, we are with you and we are going to continue to stand with you until you have the resources and reforms to do your jobs.” Roughly 800,000 federal employees missed a paycheck on Friday due to the prolonged shutdown. Both the House and Senate voted for a bill that would give those workers back pay once the shutdown is completed.

Sources: Washington Post, NPR, FOX
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For the White House and Congress to come to a meaningful end to the shutdown.
  • For those going without pay this week to be given provision from above. 
  • For solutions on the southern border that will be the most God-honoring.