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PRAYER ALERT - President George H. W. Bush Has Passed

The 41st president was 94 years of age

As the nation mourns the loss of Former 41st President George Herbert Walker Bush, who passed into eternity with our Father yesterday, we too mourn his loss to this world, and rejoice in his life. President Bush was a man devoted to the Lord, to his family, and to his country, in a way that truly inspired many to live out his challenge to be “a thousand points of light” in this world. His legacy of impact through his family is tremendous, with sons serving in the highest offices of this nation.

Known for many things, one of the best was his ability to befriend his fiercest opponents. To the very end, some of his kindest and closest friends were bitter rivals in partisan battles. He demonstrated the gracious love that we should all aspire to share. At a time where our struggle to remain united is being tested seemingly daily, the bell that tolled with his passing is clarion call to us all of how we should view and treat each other.

Sources: ABC News
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • That the family and friends of President Bush will be able to mourn his passing and rejoice in his life, to God’s great glory.
  • That the country would feel the impact on his loss and be inspired by his life. That it would cause a time of reflection and renewal in the hearts of many.