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Department of the Interior Releases Wildfire Report

California fires released a years-worth of pollution

On Friday of last week, the Department of the Interior released their analysis of the most recent wildfires in California. The findings of the results showed that the fires released roughly 68 million tons of carbon dioxide. This number is roughly 15 percent of all the emissions created by the State this year and is roughly equivalent to the amount of emissions produced to create electricity to power the State for a year.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said of the numbers, "We know that wildfires can be deadly and cost billions of dollars, but this analysis from the U.S. Geological Survey also shows just how bad catastrophic fires are for the environment and for the public's health.” Secretary Zinke went on to explain the need to have better forest management to assure that the public is not affected by future fires.

Sources: Department of the Interior
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For Secretary Zinke to effectively manage federal forests to prevent major fires in the future.
  • For ongoing measures by the Department of the Interior to assure that air pollution is lowered in the years to come.
  • For residents of California to have their health protected in spite of the large carbon emissions.