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Congress Passes Temporary Spending Bill

Two-week patch averts government shutdown

The government can now remain open through December 21, after Congress passed a two-week temporary spending package, thus avoiding a shutdown this weekend.

Shortly after the House vote, the Senate passed the measure on a voice vote. President Trump has said he would sign the short-term extension.

The extension buys lawmakers more time to find consensus on spending, but at the same time, it also raises the possibility that a budget shutdown could happen before Christmas.

President Donald Trump has said he would be willing to allow a government shutdown if Congress fails to approve $5 billion for the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Lawmakers in the House have backed the $5 billion (the House Appropriations Committee approved that spending in July); but the Senate has earmarked only $1.6 billion for border security.

Talks are expected to resume next week.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For lawmakers in the House and Senate as they continue talks on the budget, and, in particular, on funding for the border wall.
  • That a bipartisan budget agreement can be reached so that there will be no government shutdown in the days before Christmas.