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President Changes Bio-Fuel Rules

Restrictions on E15 fuel to be lifted

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he would be ordering the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to begin to take steps to lift the ban on the sales of E15 — a blend of gasoline and biofuel largely made from corn. The sale of the fuel has been restricted from the beginning of June through the middle of September every year due to it not meeting the ozone standards of the Clean Air Act.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler was directed by the President to begin the process to change EPA rules that would allow for the sale of the fuel. The goal of the changes would be to allow the use of the fuel by next summer. A White House Spokesperson said that the hope would be that consumers would have more choice in their energy options.

Sources: CNBC, Politico, Washington Examiner
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For President Trump to have wisdom on how best to bring about a clean future for the United States.
  • For Andrew Wheeler to effectively manage the process to reintroduce E15.
  • That the changing of EPA rules would have a positive effect on the U.S.