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Strengthening the between the U.S. and the island

At the same time that President Donald Trump was attending the historic meeting of the U.S. and North Korea on Monday, diplomats and other U.S. officials opened the new “American Institute” In Taiwan.

This institute operates as what is essentially an embassy for Taiwan, which is a disputed region with China. Following the unveiling of the new center, China expressed displeasure at the growth of the informal U.S. relationship with the island, as the president of Taiwan said, “The friendship between Taiwan and the U.S. has never been more promising.”

Sources: NPR, AP, CNN
As the Lord Leads, pray with us:
  • For the U.S. officials in Taiwan to have the wisdom to work with foreign governments. 
  • For the U.S. State Department to have wisdom on how best to conduct diplomacy. 
  • For a friendly and peaceful diplomatic relationship between China and Taiwan